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ParTech, Inc. (PAR) has spent more than 30 years matching our technology solutions to retailers’ needs. In addition to retail, PAR’s technology can also be found in major restaurants, cinemas, cruise lines, stadiums and food service companies.

PAR EverServ® Solutions are designed based on the needs of the changing industry landscape and for retailers that demand solutions that improve traffic flows and improve customer loyalty – which drive top-line revenue growth.

PAR EverServ Hardware – PAR offers a diverse portfolio of durable and reliable hardware terminals designed to meet the demanding operating requirements of various retail formats. The ultra compact and economical EverServ 2000 is perfect for environments where space is at a premium. EverServ 6000 offers flexibility, scalability and peak performance in any environment. The sleek, contemporary design of EverServ 6000 LP (Low Profile) makes it the perfect choice for image conscious retailers that seek the ultimate in customer friendly service environments. The EverServ Kiosk 6000 is designed to work with virtually any kiosk application to meet the growing consumer demand for self-service convenience.

PAR EverServ Software – PAR’s primary retail software application is a task management and food safety solution called PAR EverServ SureCheck. EverServ SureCheck is a powerful Web-based tool for managing HACCP and inspection programs for large food service organizations. Combining the best technology in PDAs (handheld computers), temperature data acquisition, and Web-based software, Sure Check automates the monitoring of quality risk factors while dramatically lowering the potential for human error. PAR also partners with industry leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to provide feature rich retail POS applications that support the unique operating requirements of retail.

PAR EverServ Services – To ensure you get the best return on your investment, PAR provides a complete portfolio of services to support your technology needs before, during and after your store technology deployment. PAR EverServ Services include: integration services, implementation services, professional services, hardware maintenance services and help desk. With PAR, your project will be deployed quickly and attentively maintained anywhere in the world you do business.

PAR EverServ Ecosystem – The PAR EverServ Ecosystem is a partner initiative that is focused on working with a wide variety of partners including channel, software and alliance partners as well as providing integrated and tested enhancements to our EverServ product offerings. By working closely with these partners, we can provide innovative solutions to customers’ business needs while improving customer support and reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers

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