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New handheld terminal makes order taking a simpler process

Partner Techs new OT-100 handheld ordering terminal is reportedly aimed at giving the catering and hospitality industries a makeover.

The OT-100 is a touchscreen wireless ordering terminal designed specifically with mobility in mind for waiters/bar staff to carry around instead of a notepad. When the staff key an order into the OT-100 it is instantly transmitted to the bar and to the kitchen, so the waiter has no need to return to the kitchen, and can then progress to serve the next customer.

The standalone functionality of the OT-100 allows waiters to function without static tills, increasing order taking speed and reducing waiting time for customers. With a member of staff circling tables and taking orders and another bringing the orders to the tables and taking payment, the efficiency advantage over current order processing is clearly visible.

For bars, the ability to take orders instantaneously at various locations throughout the venue and transmit them to staff at the bar removes the need for customers to queue for service, leading to a more relaxed drinking environment and, because theres no need to queue, a faster sales process.

A flexible operating system means that the terminal can easily be integrated into any catering environment. The OT-100s slender form LCD touchscreen interface make it an aesthetically pleasing alternative.

The OT-100 sports a 4.3 touch screen interface and Wi-Fi connectivity. Its pocket-friendly size and ability to withstand a drop of 1.2 metres makes it a sleek, rugged and powerful tool for waiting and bar staff. Despite the compact size, the OT-100 packs a fast CPU with plenty of memory. Pre-loaded with Windows CE 5.0, the OT-100 will be capable of running a respectable range of software.

Additional features on the OT-100 include an SD card reader, vibration alert, built-in speaker and a four-way direction sensor, making it ideal for a gamut of uses beyond the bar and restaurant. Both WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity make it compatible with a wide range of systems and accessories. Outside of the traditional restaurant environment, mobile order taking can be applied to an array of vertical markets such as sporting events, music events, corporate hospitality, leisure clubs, night clubs, VIP lounges, stock taking, etc.

The OT-100 is an icon of style and functionality for hospitality and catering businesses looking for something to set them apart from the competition, said Partner Tech UKs Managing Director, Tim Van den Branden. In a busy hospitality environment, being able to put an order onto the OT-100 which is automatically transferred to the POS system, then move on to the next customer without having to return to a base station is a real asset. Automating the table service ordering process drastically speeds up the service, eliminates errors, and vastly improves the overall customer service. 

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