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Motorola XT15

Motorola XT15

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Building on the unique adaptability of the proven Psion Omnii™ platform, the all-new Omnii XT15 Series raises the bar even higher to deliver the highest levels of ruggedness and functionality. With the open source business model — giving you the flexibility and freedom to adapt your device with exactly what you need — and certified IP67 and IP65 rating, the Omnii XT15 Series delivers reliable performance and unparalleled adaptability for the most demanding of environments and applications. For example, the condensation-free Arctic version is ideal in -22° F/-30° C freezers and for workers moving between cold and warm environments.

Features and benefits

Technology made tough
The Omnii XT15 comes with the option of Windows® CE 6.0 or Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating systems, both of which integrate seamlessly to automate key processes and boost productivity in real-time.

Field-upgradeable adaptability
Omnii XT15 is always fit for purpose, so you can configure it the way you want and later bolt on what you need. This allows for future-proof flexibility as hardware can be reconfigured – and not replaced – saving your business up to 30% on lifetime total cost of ownership.

Real-world practicality
Built with the new Texas Instruments® OMAP 3 microprocessor and a Psion designed Custom ASIC architecture, Omnii XT15 delivers industry-leading performance and efficiency with an extended battery life of up to 20 hours.

Optimized ergonomics
Ergonomics are crucial to ensuring mobile workers are efficient and effective on their jobs. The Omnii XT15 features a balanced construction that is perfectly weighted for comfort, practicality and Natural Task Support. Furthermore, Omnii XT15 is equipped with PsionVU software and transflective touch screens that enable a friendly user interface.

The right mobile device for different cold chain environments with Chiller and Arctic models
The condensation-resistant Chiller model is built for -4° F/-20° C environments, while the condensation-free Arctic model is ideal in -22° F/-30° C freezers and for workers moving between cold and warm environments. Both models offer frost-free scanning technology — a heated scan window that prevents internal fogging to ensure successful scanning in condensing environments. Both models also offer specialized keyboards that are tested and proven to overcome ice buildup and prevent keys from freezing.

The ultimate industrial handheld for hazardous environments
The Omnii XT15ni is UL-certified to be non-incendive, providing mobile workers with a rugged handheld device that safely operates in hazardous areas found in pharmaceutical, oil & gas, utilities, chemical and various manufacturing applications.

Thông số kỹ thuật
2.5G GSM/GPRS/EDGE (optional on XT15 and XT15ni models only), UMTS 3.8G HSPA+ (optional on XT15 and XT15ni models only)
WPAN (Bluetooth Support)
Integrated Bluetooth® V2.0 + EDR
Frequency band
Quad-Band GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
UMTS: Five Band UMTS: 800/850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz
SIRF III GPS Receiver (optional on XT15 and XT15ni models only)
On-board IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (CCX V4 Certified)



Video-capable models
XT15 and XT15ni models only
• Motorola SE955 Std Range Laser
• Motorola SE1224HP 1D Std Range Laser
• Motorola SE1524ER Auto-Range Laser
• Honeywell 5080 2D Std Range Imager
• Intermec EV15 1D Std Range Imager
• Intermec EA11 2D Std Range Imager
• Intermec EA20X 2D High Performance Imager
• SE965HD Standard Range Laser (XT15f models)
• SE1524-ER 1D Extended range Laser (XT15f models)
• SE4600 1D Extended Range Imager (XT15f models) - Available August 2013
Camera resolution
Color 3 megapixel, autofocus 4X digital zoom, Dual LED flash (optional on XT15 and XT15ni models only)



Memory (Flash/RAM)
512MB RAM / 1 GB Flash ROM
Processor (CPU)
Texas Instruments OMAP3 Processor @ 800 MHz.
Operating system (OS)
Microsoft Windows CE 6.0, Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional



Single core heater control logic board that dynamically heats scan window (XT15f Chiller model)
Multi-core heater control logic board that dynamically heats scan window and LCD display (XT15f Arctic model)
Audio options
Microphone, Speaker
Expansion slot
Multiple internal Multi-function expansion interfaces with TTL serial, USB host, GPIO, Micro SD slot for FLASH expansion (up to 32GB)
Keypad options
59 Key Full Alpha Numeric, 6 Function keys
55 Key Alpha Numeric, Phone keys
66 Key QWERTY Numeric, 6 Function Keys, Phone keys
36 Key Numeric, 12 Function keys
36 Key Numeric Alpha Modified, 12 Function keys
34 Key Numeric, 12 Function keys
XT15f models only - two high-reliability keypads with specially designed keyboards that resist freezing due to ice build-up in condensing environments: 58-key full alphanumeric with 6 “F” keys; 34-key numeric with 12 “F” keys
Display type
3.7” VGA (640 x 480) Transflective Color/Touch Display
2 Options - High Visibility; Extreme Duty
1.3 lbs / 610 g (with battery – XT15 and XT15 ni models)
1.8 lbs / 834 g (unit with SE965HP laser –
weight includes battery and pistol grip – XT15f models only)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
8.74 in. L x 3.94 in. W x 1.77” D (222 mm L x 100 mm W x 45 mm D) – XT15 models; 8.89 in. L x 3.86 in. W x 3.2 in. D at display (grip area 1.22 in. D) (226 mm L x 98 mm W x 82 mm D at display (grip area 31 mm D) – XT15f models


Environmental sealing
Rain/Dust: IP67, IP65, IEC 60529
Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
+/- 8kV contact, +/- 15kV air discharge
Drop specification
multiple 2.0m (6.5ft) drops to polished concrete, 1.7m (5.6ft), 26 drops to polished concrete (powered with options & accessories)
5% to 95% non-condensing (XT15 and XT15ni models)5% to 95% non-condensing; condensing resistant (XT15f Chiller model)Condensing (condensing free using internal heaters) (XT15f Arctic model)
Storage temperature
-40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F) (All XT15 models)
Operating temperature
-20° C to +50° C (-4° F to +122° F) (XT15, XT15ni and XT15f Chiller models)-30° C to +50° C (-22° F to +122° F) (XT15f Arctic model)
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