Tochiba Willpos M30

Tochiba Willpos M30

Tochiba Willpos M30

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WILLPOS M30 - Affordable, superior performance, backed by TOSHIBA manufacturing

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Processing Power

With the latest Intel AMT technology, a range of processor options for every budget satisfy the most demanding application requirements. Performance is typically 5 to 20 times superior to current top-of-the-range POS products. Easy upgrade options offer essential future-proofing, allowing the POS to grow with the needs of your business.

Low Cost of Ownership

Designed to be ‘retail hardened’, the powerful WILLPOS M30 has a lifespan way beyond the 12 to 18 months of standard PC products. Combine with a low purchase price, power saving ‘green credentials’ and future-proofing upgrade options, to lower total cost of ownership over the life of the product.


Enhanced connectivity to support both new and legacy peripheral options, with PCI slots for essential expandability.

Remote Management

The WILLPOS M30 with Intel AMT technology provides a full management package. Even a novice user can simply and easily reload software without the need for engineer intervention.


The Toshiba POS range is synonymous with effortless maintenance and slide-out serviceability. The WILLPOS M30 HDD front-loading design allows for quick and easy hard drive replacement.

Energy Saving Mode

The WILLPOS M30 can simply be shut down and bought back to life in an instance. ‘Hibernation’ or ‘deep-sleep’ mode dramatically reduces power consumption when compared to traditional ‘stand-by mode’. This functionality not only reduces cost of ownership, but enhances the ‘green credentials’, by ensuring consumed power is kept to a minimum.

  • Recyclable chromium-free metal
  • Recyclable halogen-free plastic
  • Packaged in recyclable paper products
  • Built and supported for a long life cycle
  • Design and manufacturing on ISO14001
Thông số kỹ thuật
CPU Intel Sandybridge Core i5-2400 (3.10GHz, 6Mb cache, 4 cores)
Intel Sandybridge Core i3-2400 (3.30GHz, 3Mb cache, 2 cores)
Intel Pentium Dual Core G850 (2.90GHz, 3Mb cache, 2 cores)
Intel Celeron Dual Core G540 (2.50GHz, 2Mb cache, 2 cores)
Chipset Sandybridge Q67 Express
Memory 2GB as standard (max. 16GB) dual channel DDR3 1066/1333 SDRAM
HDD HDD 250GB x 1 (max. 2 drives), SATA I/F (SSD option)
RAID RAID 1 supported, software RAID 0/1
CD/DVD Integrated (option)
RS232C 4 (2 x male + 2 x female) with 5V/12V or non-powered by jumper switch
1 option with 5V/12V or non-powered by jumper switch
Normal USB 6 (2 x front, 4 x rear)
Powered USB 12V x 1 (rear), 24V x 1 (rear)
PS/2 Mouse x 1 (rear), keyboard x 1 (rear)
Drawer Port 2 (Toshiba I/F + 1)
Parrallel 1 (rear)
Display I/F 1 (rear) D-sub 15pin female, 1 (rear) DVI-D
LAN 10/100/1000 BASE-TX x 2, wake-on-LAN
Audio Line-out x 1 (rear), line-in x 1 (rear), mic-in x 2(front / rear),
headphone x 1 (front)
Speaker Sound (internal), beep (internal)
Expansion Slots 2 (PCIe x4 /16) *in case of COM5 installed, PCIe x16 free
OS Windows 7 Professional 32bit / 64bit, Windows XP Professional 32bit,
Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, Windows Embedded POSReady 7,
WEPOS Version 1.1, Windows 2008 Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11,
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Cabinet Colour Black
Weight 7.2kg
Dimensions 325(W) x 400(D) x 100(H) mm
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